Top 10 Academic Marketing Journals

Top 10 Academic Marketing Journals.jpg

Marketing is a fast-moving profession in which many folks join the conversation. This makes it very difficult for readers to distinguish between mass market information which were published for advertising purposes and actual content with value. I want to share with you the most credible sources for any serious marketer, the top 10 academic marketing journals out there.

As there are many institutions that are carrying out such rankings, I have chosen the University of Hohenheim Germany as my source, as they are regularly updating their list in accordance to the impact each journal makes in terms of citations.

The Top 10 Academic Marketing Journals in 2016:

1          Journal of Marketing

2          Journal of Marketing Research

3          Journal of Consumer Research

4          Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

5          Journal of Business Research

6          Marketing Science

7          Journal of Retailing

8          Journal of Applied Psychology

9          Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

10        Strategic Management Journal


To become a marketer with a true understanding of marketing, I strongly recommend to read in an academic marketing journal regularly, or to stop by at my blog, as I am sharing the latest in research with you as well!


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