Book Review – Marketing Management

Today I want to start with my reviews about marketing books. The reviewed books will include academic literature but also biographies and other books related to the field of marketing that to my opinion are must reads.

Marketing Management.jpg

I want to start with the book “Marketing Management” written by the authors Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller. This book is so important to marketers as it was initially written by the father of modern marketing, Professor Dr. Philip Kotler in 1967 and has developed to the most successful marketing book today, currently being in its 15th edition.

If you are interested to learn more about marketing you should start with this book and keep it alongside your journey. In my academic studies it was one of the first books we used and one of the few that was needed throughout the full programme. Marketing Management is consisting of 8 parts with 23 chapters covering fundamentals like strategy and planning, forecasting and management, local and global customer markets and much more.

What I personally like about the book is the variety of company insights & stories that give you a real reference of how successful organizations carry out effective marketing. Furthermore this book is regularly published with updates to stay on top of the develeopments in marketing like social media.

The book may be a bit pricy, but it is definately worth the investment if you want to understand marketing as a whole.



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