How to develop great Ideas with Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Before someone decides to become an entrepreneur, usually the person already has a business idea in mind that he or she wants to realize. If you would like to be creative in finding a business idea yourself, there is an easy way to learn it. The following article will show you the easiest approach to creating problem solutions and ideas for business purposes with the method of “Design Thinking”.

How does Design Thinking work?

Design thinking for businesses was established in the 1990´s by David M. Kelley, whereas similar theories in other professional areas even date back to the late 1960´s. Design thinking is a creative approach to come up with ideas to solve existing  problems.

By following the steps of understanding, exploring, prototyping and evaluating, design thinking allows professionals to put themselves into the position of the customer and therefore learn to understand their needs. In this context visual and haptical impressions are used in the creative problem solving attempt. As such ideas are found to solve problems that the customer might even did not know yet where existing.

There are many ways the design thinking process is described by organisations. The following steps are the most important ones you need to consider:

See a problem from the perspective of the customer

Be creative and find possible solutions with your colleagues

No matter what your solution is, build a prototype, all tools are allowed to express your creativity

Finally check if your solution needs amendment and if it is worth to follow

The method of design thinking initially was used by designers that put themselves into the consumers position and then created a design for a physical product. Large corporations have implemented the overall idea of design thinking and even formed departments for this purpose that would rather remind you of a kindergarten. In such departments the team members use clay, Lego blocks and other items that help to receive a real look and feel of how any kind of idea can be tranferred into a solution. With this kind of abductive and inspiring way of thinking it does not only help the team members to unleash their creativity but also helps colleagues of other departments to visually understand theoretical approaches to solving problems.

Another benefit of this method is, that no idea is impossible to design with the material at hand. By discussing the approaches within the team, the collective approach helps the members to get a direct feedback from colleagues that think like potential customers. Design thinking therefore is more than just a creative approach, it is also an advantage for any corporate strategy, as customers will benefit from products that will give them a real value.



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