Book Review – The Social Media Bible

Book Review - The Social Media Bible

Todays book review covers the fascinating world of social media. There are many books out there about the topic and it is difficult to find the right one if you are a social media beginner. The social media bible written by Lon Safko is a very good guide if you are beginning to learn how to use social media for your business. It is already exsiting in its third edition and is constantly reviewed to be up to date.

The book consists of 600 pages of social media related content that is also peer reviewed and therefore suitable for using it as a source in academic studies. The 26 chapters start with a good introduction into social media. All areas are covered, from blogging websites, social networks as well as the usage of formats like images, videos and audio files or even virtual gaming.

The book also includes a five step strategy to implement social media into your business including the analysis of existing media, resource allocation, measurement and more. The author also included many expert insights of other renown social media experts as well as as many external sources that can be reached via scanning a QR code that is printed in the book. As such I can personally recommend this book to anybody who wants to start with social media or who needs a good reference book on the topic.


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