Singapore Welcome

Thats what I call a great customer service by Shangri La Hotels Singapore and their partner Meet & Greet. Mabel's happy face picked me up just outside the plane, got me throug immigration and gave me a lot of good advices for my stay in Singapore. Thank you for the warm welcome!


July’s Travel & Blog Entries

As I am on my way to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Italy, this month's blog posts may be rather short but not less exciting. I will share with you all kinds of impressions I will experience throughout my travel, business and leisure activities! At the moment I am at the beautiful airport of Munich, Germany and … Continue reading July’s Travel & Blog Entries

Marketing Science – Market Size vs. Market Entry

Previous Measures A recent study by Sungwook, Namwoon and Ge Zhan (2017) researched the level of impact the market size has on firms entering a new market. Previous studies (e.g. Combe, 2012; Geroski, 1995; Gort and Klepper, 1982; Rodríguez-Pinto et al., 2007; Thomas, 1987) suggest that the importance of the market size is one of … Continue reading Marketing Science – Market Size vs. Market Entry

Know The Rules – Linking Websites

For many marketers and bloggers an important part of generating value to their audience is by sharing content of others. In this context videos, blog posts and other contents are linked from third party websites to their own web appearance. If you post third party content you may not be responsible for the actual content … Continue reading Know The Rules – Linking Websites

Motivators – Gary Vaynerchuk

He is the best motivator that I know and probably one of the few that can be trusted and actually knows what he is talking about. Gary Vaynerchuk lives the entrepreneur spirit. Check out his keynote at the Online Marketing Rockstars event 2017 in Germany and get motivated!

Marketing Science – Consumer Expectations, Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-Mouth is a very strong contributor when it comes to brand building and product performance. We all know about the influence this may have on the purchase decision itself but what about the satisfaction with the purchased item and the resulting word-of-mouth dynamic? A study by Sangyoon Yi and Jae-Hyeon Ahn (2017) did cover the … Continue reading Marketing Science – Consumer Expectations, Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth

Programmatic Advertising – Klicks vs. Likes

Programmatic Advertising is one of the hottest topics in online marketing for quite a while now. However there are different things you need to take care of when generating content. The enclosed video will cover the results of a study that was carried out on behalf of the Kellogg company. The study identified factors that … Continue reading Programmatic Advertising – Klicks vs. Likes

Best Practices – Communication Techniques

Communication is a key element in business, in marketing and in life. A professional communication is not only needed when it comes to make deals or when you want to create a great message for your audience. The following video by the renown Stanford Graduate School of Business will help you to improve your communication … Continue reading Best Practices – Communication Techniques