Book Review – The Social Media Bible

Todays book review covers the fascinating world of social media. There are many books out there about the topic and it is difficult to find the right one if you are a social media beginner. The social media bible written by Lon Safko is a very good guide if you are beginning to learn how … Continue reading Book Review – The Social Media Bible


Book Review – The Modern Firm

If you want to start your own business, there is no way around this book. The modern firm written by John Roberts is already a classic. The book is discussing the history of the very first entrepreneurs in the new world and is moving towards the different existing organizational designs that are in place in … Continue reading Book Review – The Modern Firm

Marketing Press Review

I am sure it has been a busy week for all of us. If it has been too busy for you to read about the latest in marketing, then I have good news for you. Check out my marketing press review of this week and read the stories that mattered most! Top marketing news of … Continue reading Marketing Press Review

Book Review – Marketing Management

Today I want to start with my reviews about marketing books. The reviewed books will include academic literature but also biographies and other books related to the field of marketing that to my opinion are must reads. I want to start with the book "Marketing Management" written by the authors Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane … Continue reading Book Review – Marketing Management