Programmatic Advertising – Klicks vs. Likes

Programmatic Advertising is one of the hottest topics in online marketing for quite a while now. However there are different things you need to take care of when generating content. The enclosed video will cover the results of a study that was carried out on behalf of the Kellogg company. The study identified factors that … More Programmatic Advertising – Klicks vs. Likes

Marketing Press Review

Check out the most important marketing news of the past week from around the globe: McDonalds cancels TV Ad after complaints. China´s Tencent with strong growth. Heineken jumps on the non-alcohol train. Facebook got fined by France.  

Marketing Science – Influence on Customer Service Employee Voice Behaviour

We all have experienced it when talking to a service employee, the tone of the person we are talking to is influencing the way we are handling the situation and may even influence our perception of the brand or the company. A study of Jaewon Yoo (2017) did research influences that have an impact on the … More Marketing Science – Influence on Customer Service Employee Voice Behaviour

Marketing Press Review

It has been a busy marketing week. Check the summary of this weeks top marketing news to stay on top! This weeks news cover stories from Procter & Gamble, Snap Chat, Nike, Oreo´s and Coca Cola. Procter & Gambles amends media strategy Snap Chat with a deacrease in share value Nike appoints Asian … More Marketing Press Review

Big Brands – Twitter

When speaking of big brands in the social media age, Twitter is certainly one of the plattforms that needs to be named. Twitter revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and the shared documentary below by Twitter shows us exactly how this was done.

Marketing Science – Misleading Food Package Information

Consumers do not always have it easy when it comes to choosing between different products. The information that is printed on food packaging for example, does lead to confusion as a new study of Clement, et al. (2017) shows. The research conducted by these scientists has revealed, that so called “potentially misleading elements (PMEs)” can … More Marketing Science – Misleading Food Package Information