Marketing Science – SME´s & Social Media in Ghana

Social Media has taken the world by storm. We also know that big brands are influencing consumers with their Social Media advertising on a daily basis, but how much do we know when it comes to the Social Media use of small and medium enterprises (SME´s) in emerging economies? A recent study by Odoom, Anning-Dorson … Continue reading Marketing Science – SME´s & Social Media in Ghana


Motivators – Gary Vaynerchuk

He is the best motivator that I know and probably one of the few that can be trusted and actually knows what he is talking about. Gary Vaynerchuk lives the entrepreneur spirit. Check out his keynote at the Online Marketing Rockstars event 2017 in Germany and get motivated!

Big Brands – Twitter

When speaking of big brands in the social media age, Twitter is certainly one of the plattforms that needs to be named. Twitter revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and the shared documentary below by Twitter shows us exactly how this was done.

Marketing Science – Misleading Food Package Information

Consumers do not always have it easy when it comes to choosing between different products. The information that is printed on food packaging for example, does lead to confusion as a new study of Clement, et al. (2017) shows. The research conducted by these scientists has revealed, that so called "potentially misleading elements (PMEs)" can … Continue reading Marketing Science – Misleading Food Package Information

How to develop great Ideas with Design Thinking

Before someone decides to become an entrepreneur, usually the person already has a business idea in mind that he or she wants to realize. If you would like to be creative in finding a business idea yourself, there is an easy way to learn it. The following article will show you the easiest approach to … Continue reading How to develop great Ideas with Design Thinking

Marketing Press Review

I am sure it has been a busy week for all of us. If it has been too busy for you to read about the latest in marketing, then I have good news for you. Check out my marketing press review of this week and read the stories that mattered most! Top marketing news of … Continue reading Marketing Press Review

Big Brands – Ralph Lauren

In this category I want to share success stories of renown brands with you. The first portrait is covering the fashion brand Ralph Lauren. Despite recent news of declining profits, Ralph Lauren has been a very strong brand in the past. The colleagues at Bloomberg have produced an interesting documentary, that shows how his fashion … Continue reading Big Brands – Ralph Lauren

Book Review – Marketing Management

Today I want to start with my reviews about marketing books. The reviewed books will include academic literature but also biographies and other books related to the field of marketing that to my opinion are must reads. I want to start with the book "Marketing Management" written by the authors Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane … Continue reading Book Review – Marketing Management

Top 10 Academic Marketing Journals

Marketing is a fast-moving profession in which many folks join the conversation. This makes it very difficult for readers to distinguish between mass market information which were published for advertising purposes and actual content with value. I want to share with you the most credible sources for any serious marketer, the top 10 academic marketing … Continue reading Top 10 Academic Marketing Journals